p- SKU/ID#: ADD TEN EXTRA ELASTIC STRING ................. -Mounted to Folder $1.00/ea. -Not Mounted $.50/ea. Mount onto hinge for 10 extra songs of sheet music.(click for MORE DETAIL).

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Add extra strong  elastic string to any folder. Holds all sheet music security and in place. In stock and ready for shipping.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Easy Instruction for replacing or adding additional elastics:

1.- Tie a knot as close as possible at each end of the elastic.

2.- Starting from the bottom left hand corner of the hinge, place one knotted end of the elastic in the first notch.

3.- Without stretching the elastic, pull it to the opposite end of the hinge at the corresponding notch.

4.- Now stretch the elastic approximately 1 to 1.5 inches from the end of the hinge and insert it in the notch, then out the next notch.

5.- Repeat steps at bottom and then top again until remaining elastic knot finishes at the last lower right hand corner notch of hinge.

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